Carol Langdon Schumacher was born and raised in Michigan.  Music has always played an important part of her life. She started taking piano lessons at age 12. In high school she played Grieg’s Piano Concerto and Rhapsody in Blue, both with a special arrangement written for a band accompaniment. 

High School was followed by attending the University of Michigan, in the School of Music, and the School of Education where her music continued to play a part in her education.

After graduation, she taught fifth grade for three years while living in Michigan. When two sons were added to her family, she moved to Long Island and became a stay at home mom. Those were some of the most special times in her life.

While teaching at a school on Long Island for children with special needs, she began her Master’s Degree in Special Education. She graduated two years later with certification in teaching K-8 All Subjects, K-12 Learning Disabilities and ninth grade Fine Arts. 

Her two sons are the love of her life. They now have many friends from New York and Michigan, as well in other states, and enjoy their chosen professions.

She began writing several year ago, and her writing has been influenced by the pain she has experienced. Her desire to help children began with writing Sarah Samantha Melinda Malloy: The Story of a Survivor. While help was not available during the years of her abuse, it has now become less of a stigma to come forward and ask for help. However, many victims still keep their secrets for fear of not being believed, among other reasons.

This writer wishes to applaud all of the courageous children and men and women, who, by sharing their stories, have given hope  to those still suffering silently. And to those not able to share, please remember that you are not alone.