Carol began writing several years ago, and her writing has been influenced by the pain she has experienced. Her desire to help abused children began with writing Sarah Samantha Melinda Malloy: The Story of a Survivor. She wrote her book after many young women in the world of sports bravely exposed the scandal of abuse by those they should have been able to trust. Their courage inspired Carol.

Carol’s love of music has been part of her healing process. Her love of nature continues to help her and often appears in her writing.

Carol recognizes how important it is to allow young children to express their pain. She wants her book, Sarah Samantha Melinda Malloy, and her website to help both the children and the adults who care for them. Her blog is intended to help adults who have not been abused to understand the impact of childhood abuse.

This writer applauds all of the courageous children and men and women, who, by sharing their stories, have given hope to those still suffering silently. To those not able to share, please remember this: You are not alone.