“I’m home, Mom!” I yelled, as the back door slammed shut.

I gave Fido a scratch, and said, “What a good pup!”

I yelled to my mom, “Could we PLEASE make s’mores?

“It’s Friday. I promise to do all my chores.”


“No, honey,” she said with a firm look at me.

“Just wait ’til tomorrow. We’ll make them, you’ll see.”

“Aww, Mom,” I said, pouting, my lip sticking out.

I felt so upset that I wanted to shout!


“Tonight we will all choose a movie to watch,

And use our good manners as we have been taught.

No poking or pushing and kicking your brother,

Or else you will hear a complaint from your mother!”


When the movie was over, it was time to go to bed.

I threw a bunch of popcorn at my little brother’s head.

“All right, that is enough now,” said my very tired mom.

“Now it’s time to brush your teeth and put your jammies on.”


Couldn’t find my red pajamies that I think are really neat,

So I chose my blue pajamas with the polka-dotted feet.

I said my prayers just like I should and jumped onto my bed.

I pulled the covers way up high to cover up my head.


At night-time, I woke up at ten thirty eight.

I wanted s’mores, and I just couldn’t wait.

With my jammies still on, I ran fast for the door,

Couldn’t see in the dark, and I fell on the floor.


Got up and then tripped over video games,

And stepped on my brother and said, “What a shame!”

My leg hurt so much that I crawled to the door,

And I couldn’t stop thinking of making s’mores.


My leg was quite swollen from hitting the floor,

And I stepped on poor Fido asleep by the door.

I got ice from the freezer and carefully sat

With the ice on my leg and the dog on my lap.


My leg felt much better, so then I got up,

Gave Fido a pet, and said, “What a good pup!”

I grabbed my new wallet from Grandma DeWentz,

Took twenty-two dollars and twenty-two cents.


I locked the back door and ran fast to the store.

It wouldn’t be long till I had my s’mores.

I knew what I wanted; I started to grin.

My mouth started drooling right down to my chin!


I ran in my jammies, the ones with the feet.

So glad for the lights now that lit up the street.

My speed was like lightning, my feet really flew.

I got to the store and knew just what to do.


I bought chocolate, Graham crackers, and marshmallows, too.

My mouth was all set to taste chocolate and goo.

I ran very fast with my bag of sweet treats

It felt like I wouldn’t get home for a week.


Just then I remembered that back at the store

I’d left my darn key to the back kitchen door!

“Oh, no!” I yelled out at the top of my voice.

I banged on the door ’cause I didn’t have a choice.


“It’s O K,” said my dad as he opened my door.

“You’ve just had a dream about wanting s’mores.

I sat up in bed and looked ’round at my stuff.

My wallet was full and my comforter fluffed!


I still wore my jammies with polka-dot spots

And Fido still slept in his usual spot.

I looked for my bag that I’d brought from the store.

“Oh, no!’ I cried out. “Oh, I want my s’mores!”


“Don’t worry,” my dad said while tucking me in.

He pulled up my comforter right to my chin.

“Tomorrow we’ll shop for those great gooey treats.

But not in your jammies with polka-dot feet!”