As a TF-CBT therapist, I am often in search of relevant resources on the topic of sexual trauma. Sarah Samantha Melinda Malloy is a wonderfully whimsical, yet very real and detailed account of a young girl’s healing and recovery from sexual trauma. Carol writes from a child’s perspective, putting into words what is so difficult to say. Besides having clear and precise language and the originality of the story’s poetic form, I appreciate the main characters being human (so much of children’s trauma literature has animals as central figures). Definitely recommend for not only the therapist’s bookshelf, but also for parents looking for tools to help their child.

– Katie Baumgras, LMSW, RYT, TTIY-E, TF-CBT

Working in the field of social services for over 20 years has taught me that you need multiple tools in order to effectively treat individuals and families; this book is one of those tools. It addresses the emotional, behavioral, and mental journey that a child may experience when sexual abuse occurs while providing support including activities that can be done. It can be used by caregivers and therapists alike along with other tools.

– Sara L. Paxton, LMSW, CAADC, CCS

This heartfelt tale, written in gentle poetic rhythm, portrays a child experiencing a betrayal of trust, gaining the courage to tell the truth, and finding the help to reclaim joy. Woven throughout are common symptoms of sexual abuse that are vital for adults to be aware of. It is an important story written to help both therapists and trusted adults guide a child toward healing.

– Linda Farrell, LPC

This book is a great resource to help children, parents, and professionals work through the confusing and complex landscape of trauma treatment. The whimsical rhyming keeps the book approachable but doesn’t shy away from discussing and highlighting the immense impact of sexual trauma. Pairing the physiological symptoms with relatable and helpful characters is a unique take on an essential component of trauma work. This inspirational story lovingly shows how a person can move forward and grow up and help others in true survivor fashion. I look forward to using it in my practice.

– Chris Roberts, LMSW, TF-CBT

As a former teacher of teenage mothers in a school-based program, I have seen firsthand the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Carol Schumacher’s book can be used in therapy or in the home as one of the ways to help children begin to understand that their feelings are valid and that what happened is not their fault. In addition to the rhyming, song-like language of the book, the high-interest illustrations depict a sense of peace with their pastel colors and scenes of nature.

– Cindy