I am a lagomorph. I have long ears, and I am called a  “mini lop” rabbit.

I will tell you what a lagomorph is. A lagomorph is a  small animal. Most of us have long ears — some of  them stand upright, and some, like mine, hang off the  top of our heads. I call them droopy ears.

Some rabbits live outdoors, where they forage or  scavenge for their food. They search outside each day  for their food.

I am lucky. I have a couple of humans who take care of me inside their house. They call me a “domesticated  rabbit.” I think that’s so silly.

They think I don’t understand them when they talk to  me. The fact is, even though I can’t talk out loud, I do  understand a lot of their words. I know when they say,  “Magellan! Salad!” for breakfast or dinner. I hop right  over to my plate of lettuces and spinach and broccoli.

Now, back to my story about pellets. I love to eat my  pellets every day. The pellets are made of timothy grass hay, with lots of vitamins and minerals. They  keep me healthy. My doctor, a veterinarian, says I  should get a few daily.

Sometimes, I like to scavenge for my pellets in pieces  of crumpled-up paper. There seems to be a lot of  crumpled-up paper around our house. I wonder why!