Who is Magellan?

Magellan is my pet mini lop-eared rabbit. He is 15 months old. He is the ‘star’ of Sarah Samantha Melinda Malloy: The Story of A Survivor.

Why did you name him Magellan?

We named him after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who set out from Spain to sail around the world. Our Magellan is always exploring our house looking for treats.

What treats does Magellan like?

Magellan loves pieces of apples, bananas and oranges. Rabbit’s stomachs are very easily upset, so he gets only a small bit of fruit.

Why is Magellan sitting on a plate?

Magellan loves lettuce, kale, snow peas and cucumbers. He gets his salad every morning at 6:30 am. He gets his evening salad at 6:30 pm. He knows just when it is time to eat, and he sits on his salad plate waiting!

What else do rabbits eat?

All rabbits need hay for most of their food. A large amount of Magellan’s diet comes from hay. They must always have hay available.

Do rabbits need water?

Yes. They must have it available at all times. Magellan drinks water from a blue ceramic bowl. His water gets changed often so it is always fresh.

Why is Magellan sitting in a chair?

Magellan has his very own chair so he can look around the room from a higher level.

Does he get treats in his chair?

Yes. He gets little pellets about one half inch long. They are made from hay, which has proteins and vitamins. He loves them but he can only have a few of them because it fills him up and then he won’t want to eat his hay.

Does Magellan like to play?

Yes. He likes pellets that I put on his chair. He can smell them and then he jumps up on his chair. When he can’t hav any more, I say “all gone.” He sniffs my hands and sits back in his chair.

Are rabbits clean?

Yes. They wash themselves all day long. Sometimes Magellan washes his fur when he is sitting in his chair.