Green beans are stringy, and carrots are roots,
tomatoes are veggies, but some call ’em fruit.

Peppers are yellow, and orangey and green,
but a purple or blue pepper’s never been seen.

Veggies are good for you, really, they are,
though most kids don’t like them. They’d rather eat tar.

You still must be healthy, so eat them a lot.
Raw carrots and spinach and pickles with spots.

What? Pickles, you say, are not veggies? Now think.
First they are cucumbers, and later they shrink.

Potatoes and eggplant, asparagus, too,
will all make you healthy, I promise, I do.

So smile when you eat them, and gag if you must,
’cause veggies are good for you, Trust me, just trust.

So first eat your veggies, and clean up your plate.
And then ask your mom for a big chocolate shake.

Though ice cream and candy you wish to eat first,
you must eat your veggies before your dessert.